What To Know Before Dealing With AFNI Collections

What to Know Before Dealing with AFNI Collections

Getting behind on payments is a tough situation to be in, but it’s made even tougher when the debt collectors start calling. Some debt collectors are worse than others and some can make your life miserable. AFNI Collections (aka AFNI Bloom and Anderson Financial Network) is one of the worst offenders. The amount of debt can remain for more than 10 years on your account.

If you read further, we will also explain how you can remove, the collection agency firm from your credit report, legally. You as a client does not, need have to have, a lawyer to verify and settle your credit score. It can be fixed by yourself you only need some willpower.

What is AFNI Collections?

AFNI Collections is a collection company located in Bloomington, IL. Though not a total scam, they are known for being aggressive and using unfair tactics when trying to collect debt. The high number of complaints about this company makes clear that AFNI is a debt collector to watch out for. If you have a debt that has gone into collection and are contacted by AFNI, you need to educate yourself about these debt collectors. Having the most knowledge possible will give you your best chance at a happy outcome in a difficult situation.

AFNI is located in Illinois and while there has been some fraudulent behavior and similar things associated with AFNI; the legitimate business is registered and licensed to collect debts. There have been several cases where AFNI has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by trying to collect bad debts or debts several years past the Statute of Limitations. Sometimes AFNI employees have used harassment and abusive language and behaviors.

Posted on their site is content about how to work with them to resolve your issue. But again, remember that while they claim to want to work with you, their customers are really the creditors and not the consumers.

What should I do if I find out AFNI is trying to collect an alleged debt?

It’s very important to make sure your debt is actually valid before you pay. Get documentation with the amount of debt, that the company/debt collector wants settlement for. Request your credit report from one of the three credit bureaus by contacting them (below are the others). If you don’t see real debt validation against you on one report, contact the second agency. Make sure you do in fact owe the amount of money, whether it be credit card debt, personal consumer debt, or some other kind of debt. Look through your records for any relevant receipts or notices that came in the mail. Whether you find proof of the debt or not, you must request a letter of proof from AFNI Inc. They must provide this information. You can request this by phone or mail. You have every right to see the numbers directly, especially if the debt is many years old or it’s a debt you think you never had. Once you have that validation and the details thereof, you can begin to work towards a solution. Never make a payment to AFNI without receiving a debt validation letter! Do not sign and send a check before getting this document that you are due. Make sure you own the account and that it lists the right name and the right date and the right address. Credit reporting is far from perfect and it’s pretty common for mistakes to be associated with your accounts.

What if I still believe the debt collection is erroneous?

If AFNI is claiming you have an outstanding obligation to a creditor, chances are that you do. However, if they are trying to collect a debt that isn’t yours, it wouldn’t be the first time. Fraudulent collecting by AFNI has been reported in the news before. If AFNI refuses to validate the debt, contact your state attorney general and tell your story.

What are my rights?

It’s important to know the rights guaranteed you by the Federal Trade Commission and the Credit Reporting Act. The act says that a collection agency must use fair credit practices. Fair credit reporting and collection behaviors are your legal right. Collection agencies like AFNI often take advantage of people’s ignorance of their own rights. You are able to request that AFNI not contact you in certain ways or at certain times. You can ensure privacy by asking that AFNI not contact you at work, for example. If you started to receive harassing phone calls, AFNI is doing something wrong and you could even sue. In general, your financial rights are the same across the United States, so it doesn’t matter what state you live in.

What if I’m not sure I received the bills?

This may be hard to prove, but if you can prove that you never received the bills, you may have a case. If you take on any debt, though, it’s important that you maintain careful records rather than only relying on receiving bills. If it’s already in the collections stage, it may be too late.

What if I am paying my bills each month, but AFNI keeps harassing me?

Harassment by a collection agency is never acceptable, but this is even more so the case if you are paying your bills each month. Have proof of your payments and call AFNI to discuss this or send a letter with copies of the evidence that you are making payments as agreed.

Can I get help to deal with AFNI?

There are various services to help repair and build damaged credit that may be able to help you negotiate with AFNI. A service like this is not free, but it can minimize your stress. There are also many resources available, like websites that offer tips on credit repair and dealing with collection agencies. One such website is Credit Repair Kings.

If you believe people from AFNI are committing fraud, you should try to get advice from an attorney. Tell them about your experience and show them every notice that you received. The law can help you. You probably have lots of questions. After being advised, you should at least have an answer to the big question of whether or not you have a case. In addition to getting your questions answered, they can help you understand and they can explain why you should or should not dispute AFNI’s claims. If you have a strong case for fraud, you may need to speak to the state attorney general. Ask the attorney general if attempting to sue AFNI is a good idea. If the answer is yes, be ready for court.

You can also file a complaint against AFNI to places like the Better Business Bureau. Just talk about how you were treated by AFNI, like if there were harassing calls.

If I pay what I owe will it go away?

Once your debt is paid in full, AFNI should stop all communications.

After I pay the debt, can it be removed from my credit report?

Even after your debt is paid, it will remain on your credit report for at least 7 years. It is possible, though, to get it removed. You should check the reports from each bureau annually. These credit reports should show the debt as paid, even if the derogatory record is still there. There may be some difference between the bureaus. If you were to get AFNI to remove the record, you should see it is no longer on the reports.

What do I need to do before I pay?

After you get a bill from AFNI and then a debt validation letter, you need to call them to work with them to resolve the debt. Ask for a payment plan. Even if you called, you should also send them a letter about your wish for a payment plan. Doing both is a good idea. Make sure to get a copy of the plan in writing before you start making payments.

That way, an employee within AFNI can’t say that you didn’t act or show that you have done something. Don’t just let it go. This shows that you have taken many steps to sayI am here trying to do my part. I did choose to reply in a timely manner because I wanted to resolve the alleged wrongdoing. If what I owed was many years old, it is likely that years ago I lost track of the accounts when I had too much on my plate, but I am someone who wants to be responsible and resolve my debts. Since you had that conversation, those charges are going to be harder to bully you about.

If, on the other hand, you did nothing to reduce your balance or if you did not ever respond to phone calls or other attempts to reach you about your past due accounts, the action taken by the collector is justified. You do still have options, but AFNI has the legal right to try to collect the debt.

What if it has only been days or months since my bills have been past due?

It doesn’t really matter how long it has been since your bills have been late. Companies like Verizon, especially, may have AFNI try to collect very rapidly, even if it has not been long since you’ve gotten behind.



What if I paid off that card years ago?

If you have some documentation showing this, you can certainly hope for a better outcome. If you made effort years ago and have proof of this, AFNI will be forced to stop trying to collect.

What companies does AFNI collect for?

AFNI collects for many companies. AFNI serves as the de facto Verizon Wireless collections department and the preferred Dish Network collection agency. AFNI collections Verizon is an area where AFNI has been accused of collections fraud, by trying to collect from people who had never used Verizon. In addition to collections, there are AFNI insurance services, where AFNI Bloomington Illinois investigates insurance claims.

Other tips:

  • One thing to remember is that there are a few different ways to respond. You can either call, write a letter, or send an email. After you have sent the response, please wait until you get the next response from them before paying the bill.
  • After requesting a payment plan, be sure to get it in writing and look it over carefully before you return the contract. Always keep records.
  • You usually need to respond within 30 days.
  • The only way to end it is to pay it off. It will not go away if you don’t do anything.
  • It doesn’t really matter how long ago the debt was incurred. Collection companies like AFNI can still try to collect. However, if the debt is more than 7 years old, the statute of limitations means you can fight the collection efforts.
  • You can request a payment plan based on your income if you are working, but can’t afford to pay down the debt in full.


What is AFNI’s contact information?

AFNI Inc collection agency phone number: 866-352-0479

AFNI address: PO Box 3097 Bloomington, IL 61702-3427

AFNI customer service locations: Tuscon and the Philippines

AFNI collections website: https://www.afnicollections.com/

The main AFNI phone number is how you call them, but it may not be the number that calls you about a debt. Call center offices for AFNI in Tucson are where most AFNI debt collection calls come from. Like with many debt collectors, they use a lot of different numbers, in hopes that you will answer if you don’t recognize the number. When you get a call from an unknown number, it’s a good idea to look it up on a website like 800notes.com, where you will quickly learn if the number is from AFNI. The headquarters of AFNI in Bloomington IL is where you mail payments if you’ve worked out a payment agreement with them. AFNI collections pay online is also an option. If you have an account with AFNI, you can log in on their website and make a payment. The information you need to create an online account is provided by AFNI and can usually be found on documents you receive in the mail.

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