Best Identity Theft Protection Services

Best Identity Theft Protection Services

With the exchange of information becoming increasingly digitized many people are looking for additional protection that will help prevent theft of their identity or personal data. As a result they turn to companies that offer the best identity theft protection plans. Identity theft occurs when your privacy is compromised by someone using your stolen information to commit fraud. For example, someone with a little basic financial information and the number to your social security could begin opening credit card accounts, order debit cards from your bank, and taking out a loan, or even multiple loans, in your name. They would then take all the money and leave the debt to you. That’s why keeping your account and security number really secure is such a serious matter. Often people do not realize their identity has been stolen until the damage has already been done. If you want to protect your financial security as well as your credit rating, it’s probably a good idea to call a service that offers identity theft protection.


There are many providers out there for you to choose from. Some of the of the big names in the field include ID Watchdog, Identity Force, and Life Lock. All claim to be the best around but each service has strengths and weaknesses that you will need to investigate before making your choice.

Life Lock may be the most well known, if not necessarily the best. They offer a solid range of services but have also been dogged by legal actions from unsatisfied customers. ID Watchdog offers high quality services at a low cost but is hampered by out dated customer interfaces. Meanwhile, Identity Force is clean and efficient to use but their prices are higher and some of their online guidance is unclear.

The most important thing to do when choosing a provider is to closely review the plan offered and compare it to the rest of the market. Posted below is a list details and important services that can inform your choice for the best Identity theft protection service. Consider these before you dial any phone numbers or sign any contracts. Take the time to review so that you can choose the best plan from the best provider.

Personal Protection

Note that the security of your information is in your hands more than anyone else’s. Theft protection services can monitor suspicious activity and provide a host of other beneficial services but it is up to you to practice safe habits in order to prevent ID theft. Despite the name most identity theft protection services are only useful after thieves have already acquired the information they need. This is why it is important to read and learn more about theft protection methods you can use on your own before investigating what a company policy can do to help you.

Identity Theft Methods and Protection

There are a million different ways thieves might try to get their hands on your personal information. Some of them are obvious while some are more subtle but you should learn them all to avoid being one of the latest victims. One infamous method is known as phishing. This is where thieves contact you at home or online through phone or email. They may make fraudulent claims in an attempt to gather more information, including personal details, security numbers, and bank account information. Be aware of people calling unsolicited and asking suspicious questions without fully identifying themselves first. Never release sensitive information unless you are completely sure of who you are dealing with. Other more traditional methods used by identity thieves involve searching trash cans, mail boxes, or a lost wallet looking for an ID, license, card, or discarded document. This is because things like ID, medical bills, or job applications may contain a social security number or something of similar importance. They may also visit social media sites, internet search pages, or public records for additional details such as a full name, address, or any important numbers. As such you should monitor what you put out on the web. Anything you make public becomes that much easier to steal. A thief may even engage in shoulder surfing by viewing over your shoulder or listening in on transactions in an attempt to glean a few personal details. More advanced scams may involve using a skimming device to track the debit or credit card numbers used on an ATM or downloading a computer virus to send stolen records remotely. The later can usually be prevented by the use of antivirus software, the former by carefully monitoring your bank accounts and credit report for suspicious activity.

Different Types of Protective Services

Identity Protection companies generally provide two different types of support. These include both monitoring and recovery services. The first allows a company to protect your identity by acting as a monitor on all your credit and financial accounts, checking for a change that might indicate you are the victim of fraud. They are empowered to contact the major credit bureaus, such as Equifax or Experian, on a clients behalf and scan monthly reports and credit score updates to try and find issues and warning signs. The company will report a fraud alert and contact your via the phone or internet for confirmation. Once you receive an alert you can take steps to repair the damage or begin legal action. Depending on the plan they offer this monitoring service can be quite comprehensive, including a monthly check with government agencies and public records to see if anyone requested personal information about you. This is because thieves will sometimes contact federal bureaus posing as renters, creditors, or lenders. There is no limit to the level of detail, provided you are willing to foot the cost and subscribe.

Sometimes alerts are not fast enough, coming after the theft occurs. When that happens, recovery services are your best option. These are failsafe systems designed to help you recover from the damage and debt an identity thief might wreck on your credit reporting and other finances. Protection companies can help guide you through the steps to remove a false debt or fraudulent charge from your credit scores and annual reviews. This begins the lengthy identity restoration process, protecting you from the charges and fees that act as a tax on those with a low credit score.

Identity Theft Insurance

The best identity theft agencies provide an insurance policy to members, giving them the advantage of access to plans which will help them recoup any monetary amount lost as a result of identity theft. This can lead to the restoration of funds meant to support a family, home, or business and return a bank account to the state it was in before anything went wrong. The exact amount of the insurance payment is based on the terms and policies of each individual plan, however most theft insurance should guarantee basic requirements are covered. There are a million insurance plans out there however. Don’t trust advertising, take the time to do some research yourself. Use the web to compare the costs and check for a customer review if you can find one somewhere. Rather than trusting some protection companies offering flashy premium, ultimate, or ultimate plus plans. Start checking the top companies to see who is providing their customers with things like full service guarantee and quality. customer service. These companies often have the most experience in identity protection and can offer you the assistance a valued customer needs.


Some of the best identity theft protection business out there may offer free features or products to please prospective customers. For example, companies like Lifelock, 1 Million Insurance Plus, and IdentityForce offer free trial programs to encourage a new consumer to subscribe. Such plans usually provide 30 days per user and have a limit that rarely covers more than two months and never three. Keep in mind that the conditions included state directly that not every recovery and protection services benefit is reserved. Certain tools like credit monitoring, antivirus, and ID watchdog software may not be available until a member provides complete payment of the fee.

Best Identity Summary

Having paid for the best identity guard means an entity now monitors your score and checks your reports against changes that don’t add up. Identity monitoring works by paying close attention to websites that offer credit reporting as well as paying a visit to any location where your personal information is on file. Any risk found is resolve and regular reporting ensures you are alerted to any violation of your rights. They can view the activity of your credit cards, or any other cards, and show you a copy of your credit reports in case you receive news that a breach has taken place.


You must keep a close hand on your wallet and check your cards regularly so some thief never scores some free credit or a driver’s license at your expense. If you or your child has lost a document return to the drop site and if it can’t be found start making changes here and now so your account no longer works for unauthorized users. Stolen materials often find their way to the local black market and from there 1 million things could happen

Check this website or other web hosting locations for several other tips that help you take extra care to guard your identity under cases of theft. It also helps to sit with your kids and watch a video on why it is important not to give personal information to strangers of the phone or computer. Teach them how to inform the proper bureau of such fraud. This makes three credit health easier to understand and can add to their financial security later on.

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