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Lexington Law Review

If you are looking for detailed reviews on the Lexington Law firm business, the following is an in depth one. Unlike other reviews, this one contains information about complaints and even class action lawsuits regarding the credit repair company. This review contains both a review of Lexington Law customer service and the way they handle the credit repair issues and more. It also contains a complete report on everything you want and need to know about Lexington Law and credit repair service, debt repair and more.

As you read our review which has a very fair, yet objectionable point of view, you will learn the real truth about Lexington Law and their credit repair service history and customer service. You may be asking yourself if the law firm of Lexington Law credit repair company is the right one for you. With so many people who are easily falling into credit repair problems these days, the need for reliable and competent credit repair service companies are essential. Whatever the reason may be, when this happens, you need the best credit repair company available to help you deal with this right away.

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What is Lexington Law?

The most important thing about Lexington’s law credit repair services is what the former clients reviews say about them and the law firm. You may be asking “Can Lexington Law’s credit repair services help me with my credit or negative credit scores? Will their lawyers contact credit bureau companies on my behalf and get results? Also, what is Lexington Law all about? This is an in depth review of Lexington Law’s credit repair services.

Lexington Law firm is a credit repair company offering hundreds of services to clients who need help in fixing their credit report, negative credit score and credit history. The credit repair Law firm can help people improve their credit scores and more by several ways. One of them is by removing negative credit items you may find on your credit report. Unlike all the new credit restoration websites recently popping up all over the place the past few years, Lexington Law has been around for decades.

Is Lexington Law Credit Repair Legit?

When it comes to people searching for reviews of Lexington Law credit debt repair services or a review about Lexington Law credit repair, clients want to know if they can trust them and more. That’s because credit repair services are very important. When you read our review about Lexington Law firm, the time most people spend researching on reviews is already done by our team. In addition, we investigate the complaints, negative reviews and everything else on the Lexington Law business for you. This way, you can find out if the Lexington Law credit repair company & business is the one you can trust and more.
One question people always ask is if the Lexington Law Credit Repair company legit? This is a very important question because if you choose to use any credit repair firm, you will be trusting this company with all of your personal information. In addition, you will also be depending on them to help fix your credit problems. The Lexington Law firm holds licenses with the Credit Repair Organization Act. Secondly, they are Bonded and are also registered with the Attorney General Offices. They have also been in business for more than 24 years and have an A- rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau.)

Does Lexington Law Really Work?

People searching for both negative and positive reviews about Lexington Law service also want to know does it really work? They also want to know about their debt repair results, if they are qualified to do your credit repair successfully and if they will really help you. Also, some have asked ” If I am using the Lexington Law firm to fix my credit, does your credit score goes lower while you let them do the work for you?”

We know that while your credit repair is in the hands of the Lexington Law firm, they do the work for you and help you. This is based on all of the research we have done about Lexington Law debt repair service. Another question asked is if “I choose the Lexington Law firm to fix my credit, I am wondering how does the process of credit repair works?. And if I let them do the work for me on my credit repair, do they really end up helping me or are they just another company who will take my money?.” Well we found hundreds of positive reviews from many customers who have used Lexington Law and had similar concerns. Most of them raised how the credit repair experts ended up helping them. They also help you by finding and removing numerous negative or wrongful items on your credit report.

Is Lexington Law Worth It?

People searching reviews about the credit repair experts of Lexington Law may be wondering is the law firm is worth it. Also, how can they help to repair ‘my credit and clean my credit report with their service’? If so, you can read our full review of the Lexington Law firm credit repair service and what they are all about. The truth is that people do not need another expense every month. On the other hand, if it is for a service to repair your credit and remove negative items from your credit report, then that’s another story. People who fall in this category want to know if Lexington Law is a trustworthy company and worth every penny. And if they can trust Lexington Law to fix their credit debt problems.

Based on reviews we’ve found of Lexington Law firm, they seemed to be worth every penny and capable of removing negative items from your debt reports. What we do know of Lexington Law based on review after review, is that to repair your credit, they are a great choice for anyone to choose.

How Does Lexington Law Work?

The first thing you want done by a really good credit repair company is to help you with any negative items found on your credit report and to have them removed. This will determine if the services for the credit repair you are paying will make a difference. A question came from a reader who does not want to have to pay a big fee for debt repair each month. She asks “I just wanted to know, if I choose the Lexington Law credit repair service company, will they do the work for you once I use their services?”

The Lexington Law Firm works by doing their attorneys doing a case evaluation to go over your credit history and report. Once they have all the information from the three major credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, then they examine your case further. In addition, their lawyers follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), put in place by the FTC. Their legal experts do thorough reviews of these reports to dispute and remove any objectionable items found on them.


How Much Does Lexington Law Cost?

When considering the cost to fix your credit, many people find that you need reviews from former clients with similar problems telling them if the cost was worth it. So for those wondering how much does the credit repair company of Lexington Law firm charges, the costs vary. First, remember that the overall cost to fix your credit will change depending on not only if they do a good job, but also how much does the plan you choose cost. If you have a few items from your credit report that need to be removed, then the average costs could amount to a month or 3 of service.

The cost of Lexington Law is based on a month by month fee of $99.95. There are also other packages which are a bit less. All together, Lexington Law credit repair company has about 3 different packages and offers ranging in from $79.95 to $119.95 per month. The average price is around $90 depending on the package you choose. The higher the package you pick, the more features, service and offers you will have on your credit repair plan.

What Fees Can I Expect From Lexington Law?

The fee or cost stemming from services for credit repair to fix your credit varies. All credit problems are not the same and what you can expect may be different from what others receive. So just how much does the Lexington Law firm cost to fix your credit repair and credit problems? What cost or fee, other than the services you are paying for, can you expect also?

Our research and reviews of Lexington Law credit repair cost has shown that there is no other hidden fee or cost other than what you have agreed to. Unlike other credit repair companies Lexington Law offers and service come with no other fees. Apart from your monthly fee, there is nothing else you will be charged with. Luckily, if you ever have any claim about fees you want to remove, then you should contact Lexington Law Firm customer service page with no problem.

Is Lexington Law Good?

A good law firm for the credit repair, bad debt or credit scores woes you may be having has to be able to remove any negative items from your credit report. Although there are thousands of credit repair companies out there, Lexington Law Firm is a good one to use, if not the best. In fact, those needing help with collections accounts issues, give Lexington Law firm great reviews. A great way to know if the credit repair company you want to help you is worth it, is when you find great reviews from the present and past about them. For the many people asking “If Lexington Law is a good law firm to repair my credit?” they can simply read about the thousands of positive reviews from previous clients. They have many positive 5 star reviews, high customer satisfaction and BBB A- rating to prove it.

What Results Can I Expect From Lexington Law?

When it comes to your credit, and your credit repair, statistics and guarantees are some of the things to make you consider reviews of credit repair companies. Lexington Law Firm offer clients help while working hard to remove negative items on your credit report or your results. Although there is no actual guarantee of results given by Lexington Law firm or any other credit repair company, there some things you can expect from them. In addition, there are also statistics which in a way, serve as guarantees. In the case of Lexington Law, their hundreds of positive reviews serve as those guarantees. They offer you real help with your credit problems. And while you may be wondering what kind of impact using them will have on ‘my credit,’ the answer is mostly positive.

How Long Does Lexington Law Take?

When it comes to credit repair, your credit score may take a month or much longer to fix. Some clients credit repair results don’t take as long as others though. Still, those searching for credit repair service always ask “Does Lexington Law take long to fix my credit?” or “Does it take time to get all the negative items I have read on my credit report removed?.” The truth is that credit scores don’t usually rise up, tumble down or happen overnight. Still, does not your credit report deserves an extensive review from a top law firm company? If so, then there is no doubt of Lexington’s Law ability to do so.

In some cases, a few clients had problems obtaining positive results quickly from the Lexington Law credit repair team. But for the most part, the vast majority only took a few days, months or so to read and see positive results on their credit report. Based on many of the customer reviews it shows that Lexington Law does take the time to work to fix your negative credit repair problems.

Is Lexington Law The Top Credit Repair Company?

ConsumersAdvocate.org recently had some reviews listing of the top ten credit repair service companies. Lexington Law is the nation’s top credit repair company according to them. Mostly every review of Lexington Law firm also showed that Lexington Law is the credit repair company that is most trusted and highly rated when it comes to credit repair services. Customer after customer of Lexington Law wrote in their reviews how the lawyers from the Lexington Law firm were the best.

The Lexington Law credit repair services high ranking was also based on positive testimonials, reviews, ratings, and a few other factors. Those included how long they have been in business, their BBB ratings and more. They also did very well when compared to the many hundreds of credit repair businesses offering similar services. In fact, they are the nation’s best in customer satisfaction since they have some of the best credit repair lawyers

Has Lexington Law Ever Been Sued?

When people are searching for information or reviews about the Lexington Law firm, they want to know if they have been sued or if they had any other legal problems. They also want to know if Lexington Law has been part of any negative class action lawsuit that has led to problems. These are very good questions since it is important to know if a law firm has been sued, how many times and for what. After all, you may ask “How can I really trust Lexington Law with my credit problems if they have been sued before.?

The truth is though, that Lexington Law was sued and settled a Class Action Lawsuit a few years back. However, that was not due to them not delivering services to clients or scamming anyone. The class action lawsuit was brought about due to the company not allowing clients to directly contact a number of major credit bureaus. Since then though, there have not been any other lawsuits, or legal issues involving the credit repair giant. There have also not been any other consumer complaints on the credit repair business.

What Complaints Have Been Filed Against Lexington Law?

The majority of complaints filed against Lexington Law firm has been from customers who expect results faster. In the complaints filed against the credit repair company thus far, there has been very few to date. These complaints against Lexington Law came about when some clients demanded to receive information about questions they had much quicker than Lexington Law representatives delivered. Remember, it is easy to file a complaint with the BBB or anywhere else for just about anything anyway. That means that you have a large debt repair company which has been able to stay clear of a lot of negative complaints. Still, Lexington Law is a great credit repair company based on reviews, and the minor number of complaints filed and reported against Lexington.

One reader asked “I am trying to determine if you have any information on the number of complaints filed against the Lexington Law firm. I have been reading many positive reviews and I read through all of them. Yet I still am unsure. Can you help me?” The truth is with a credit repair company that has been around for so long, the number of complaints filed against them are not what you expect. The positive outweigh the negative complaints by an almost 10 to 1 margin according to reviews reported.

What Are the Complaints Against Lexington Law Customer Service?

If you’re reading reviews regarding the Lexington Law firm, but are concerned about complaints filed against them, then it is very understandable. The truth is a lot of people want to know “Is the credit repair of Lexington Law firm worth it to repair my credit?” Or “Can you please tell me if the Lexington Law customer service and credit repair services are worth it to fix credit reports?

The answer to those questions is that based on our research, some clients wanted customer service reps to deliver inquiries about their credit repairs review much faster. The complaints against the credit repair company, Lexington Law firm, was more on the customer service way of handling things. This tends to happen when people are anxious about receiving information about their cases. Still, the Lexington Law credit repair services are still very highly rated.

Is Lexington Law A Scam?

A lot of people want to know if Lexington Law is a scam? According to most reviews, a scam is usually something that involves a company charging people for goods they do not deliver and more. Lexington Law is not a scam since they do work with you to clean up your credit report and offer excellent credit repair services. In fact, based on reviews and testimonials, Lexington Law is one of the credit repair service companies with the fewest complaints against them. Their customer service also receives very little complaints, but many positive reviews. If Lexington Law is or was involved in a scam, they would not have the large amount of positive reviews and high 5 star ratings. Lexington Law has been in the credit repair sector since 1991 with continuous positive review, no scam charges and very few complaints.

What Are The Complaints Against CreditKarma.com?

One of the many complaints people have filed against CreditKarma.com or CreditKarma inc, are on record with the Federal Trade Commission. In fact, complaints against Credit Karma have been on the record since 2014 or earlier. Although the business offers free credit scores to the consumer, negative reviews and complaints against Credit Karma have been on the rise lately. Customers who ended up becoming victims of identity theft, filed complaints against CreditKarma as well. Another complaint against CreditKarma inc, we often found was how wrong the credit scores they provided customers were. In some cases, people had a 100 point or higher credit score than by the number CreditKarma.com told them they’ve had.

Is There An App for Lexington Law?

Yes, there are many ways to check your credit score and how many items there are in your credit repair case with the Lexington Law firm Android or iOS app. Clients can download and use it to check their credit repair case with the Lexington Law firm. With the helpful app, there are many ways you can follow your credit repair case with the Lexington Law, by the touch of a button on your tablet or phone. No matter how many items you have on your case with the Lexington Law Firm Android app can help you on the fly.

Users loved how many ways there are for the app to help you keep track of ‘my credit’, ‘credit score’, and monitor your repair case with Lexington Law app. The app allows you to connect to the website and monitor your credit repair case with the Lexington Law team as well. If you had any new items removed in a case with the Lexington Law Firm, the Android or iOS app lets you know it instantly.

How Do I Login To Lexington Law?

Client login into their Lexington Law account to check in with the credit repair company is fairly quick and easy. You can go to their site and click on the “Client Login” tab, enter your information and check on your Lexington Law case and credit report repair status. Once you use the client login, you can use the credit repair company password to help you with any repair services you may need. From there, you can check the status of your Lexington Law case or chat with someone to help you. Your credit repair status can be quickly and easily accessed on their site. Click on ‘Contact us’ so the credit repair company can help you if you have any problems. Please remember, do not give out your password or personal information to anyone.

How Do I Contact Lexington Law?

For those with credit repair issues wondering how to contact a Lexington Law firm credit repair services representative, there are a few ways. You can contact them either by phone, email or by visiting them at LexingtonLaw.com. According to their “Contact Us” page, the Lexington Law firm and credit repair company offers their credit repair service to anyone who needs it. They are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. If you been wondering about which is the best credit repair firm out there, then phone or email Lexington Law credit repair services today.

Where Are Lexington Law Offices Located?

The Lexington Law firm has their main business office located in Utah, United State. The main office of Lexington Law is in North, Salt Lake, Utah. Their actual address is 360 N Cutler Dr, North Salt Lake, UT 84054 in you like to contact them. The Lexington Law firm has been a top credit repair company for many years with hundreds of positive reviews. The credit repair business is there for you to help you with your credit and case reviews. Lexington Law firm can do a lot for you and is waiting for your call or visit to help you with any credit repair needs you may have. Your credit repair problems are just a phone or visit away.

How Do I Cancel My Lexington Law Account?

If you want to know how to cancel your Lexington Law firm credit repair account or accounts, then it is very easy to do. You can simply go to “My Account” on the Lexington Law website and click on your Lexington Law subscription to cancel. The Lexington Law credit repair company lets you find the status of your accounts. To see how the account is, just call or email them with “I cancelled my account” and continue from there. We researched how easy it was for clients to cancel their accounts based on some reviews. In one, a client wrote, “I am very happy about Lexington Law and my results. After a few months, my credit scores went up almost 100 points. They really helped improve my credit debt issues. Even though I had to cancel my service, I am still very happy with them.”

You can also call them or send them an email to cancel your account as well. But just remember that after you cancel your service, you won’t be able to check on your credit scores from there no more.  Once you called or emailed cancel your Lexington Law account, you can make sure your account have been removed by checking on service and accounts.

Are There Any Testimonials From Lexington Law Clients?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of 5 star, positive testimonials from a long list of Lexington Law clients. Sites such as ConsumerAffairs.com, ConsumersAdvocate.org and a bunch of others have hundreds of new ones every day. Other similar sites which rate the top credit repair companies available, also have a huge amount of positive testimonials from Lexington Law clients as well.


Although there are many different types of companies now offering credit repair services, there is only one which has been doing so successfully for more than 20 years. That alone makes Lexington Law stand out from the rest. The reason we highly recommend you using Lexington Law Credit Repair is based on several factors. They have been in the credit repair business for decades. They have a long history of credit restoration legal experts assisting thousands of clients. And they have a high A- BBB rating. Don’t take chances with other companies since the Lexington Law firm has a proven track record already of providing and delivering quality and exceptional credit repair solutions.

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