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Having a bad credit history could cost you a lot of money over your lifetime. With a bad credit score, accessing loans from banks and other financial institutions can be very tricky. And, if you are lucky to find yourself a lender, the interest will be very high. Therefore, it is advisable that we always keep our credit score in check. Checking your credit report every year will give you an insight on what your credit score truly looks like. Also, it will help you take action to correct it if the score is bad. In such cases, a credit repair professional will come in handy. A credit repair company works by taking your credit report from the credit reporting agencies. They compare the reports, to identify errors in the compilations and try to get them corrected. is one of the most reputable companies dealing in credit repair.

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 About is a credit repair company established over 15 years ago. They work with clients who have a bad credit score and repair it. They also provide consultation services, aimed towards helping clients maintain a good current and future credit history. The company is headquartered in Salt lake city, Utah. They are among the top rated in credit repair. The company maintains a team of employees with a thorough understanding of the law and finances. This combination helps them identify problematic areas in your credit report and take the necessary steps to correcting them.

 Repair Process

The company undertakes three steps in trying to rectify your credit rating. The first step is checking. Here they ask for your reports from all the three credit reporting agencies. The purpose of this is to make a comparison and identify any negatives in the reports. This step helps them customize an action plan to repair credits.

The second step involves challenging. The company will get all the information they can from you, including bills. They will also contact credit companies on your behalf. This step ensures that your credit report is a true and fair reflection of your credit status.

In the last step, using the information gathered, they will help challenge your case. They will ensure that all negative item identified are reviewed for verification. Failure to verify this negatives, the credit reporting agencies are obliged to remove those items from your report.


They are certainly not the cheapest credit repair company in the market. However, they do offer great value for their fees. You can register with them at a fee of $ 99.95 every month. On top of this, they charge a fee of $ 14. 99. This is a one- time fee that covers costs of pulling your credit reports. The $ 99.95 charge is a ticket pass to timely and updated credit reports on a monthly basis.


The company offers three types of services. First, they help correct your credit history. This is by collecting enough information to ensure that your credit report is a true and fair reflection of your current status. They ensure that your monthly records are kept up- to- date.

They give you advice on how various issues could affect your credit score. In addition, they offer a credit update service. They have a score tracker app that is powered by Transunion, a credit reporting agency. They ensure that you receive timely alerts on the condition of your credit rating.

They help manipulate your credit future, ensuring that it will be sustainable. They offer you customized educational resources so that you can take charge of your credit now. This helps you maintain a healthy credit report, enabling you to step in the right direction to achieve your credit score goals.

 Service Guarantee

With this company, you can always cancel your service subscription without worrying about penalties. When you cancel, your account will still remain active to the end of the month. The company, however, doesn’t offer you a money-back guarantee.



Their services can be accessed at the convenience of your home using some of the major devices. You can download their app using any Apple or android device. Also, you can make the download using your computer. This app will help you in tracking and monitoring the progress of your credit repair. You will also receive email and text alerts whenever they can.

 Customer Support

When working with a credit repair company, you have to ensure that you choose a company that has excellent customer support features. CreditRepairInc is among the best companies in terms of customer support. They have a broad category of educational resources, helping you maintain and track your credit score. They have an excellent blog where they post different articles on various credit repair topics. They truly seem to understand finances and credit and how they work. This assures you that they will handle your reviews right and help you increase your credit score.

Additionally, the company has an excellent team of customer support agents. They can be reached via phone or email. They are a truly friendly bunch and very helpful. They will answer any questions that you might have regarding their credit repair services.

 Service Guarantee

In credit repairs, usually, there are no guarantees. The service will only work if negatives are identified and verified. However, unlike other companies, they give you a guarantee in terms of their high ethical standards. They are straightforward and will tell you straight on, just how long you will have to wait before your credit score is repaired. According to them, it will take up to four months for your credit score to change. In this time, many clients attest that they received a 40% increase in their credit score.

 BBB Accreditation

This company does not have a BBB accreditation. This means that the company is currently being reviewed by BBB. BBB accreditations give you insight on whether a company is reliable or not. The accreditation is based on the size of the business, the number of complaints, how long and how effective they are in handling the complaints.

Although the company does not have a rating from BBB, it does not mean that the company isn’t reliable. Besides, BBB ratings have to be combined with other company information, for it to be proven that a company is reliable or not. Therefore, you can always check how this company performs using other criteria as BBB conducts and updates a rating for them.


Bottom line is, CreditRepair is a great company to work if you are concerned with your current and future credit rating. Although there are no service warranties with this company, you should understand that this is the case with all other credit repair companies. It might not necessarily be in terms of refunds, but in terms of achievement. Therefore, if you are looking for a reputable credit repair company that has helped others like you in the past, this is the company to go with. It is proven to be legit. And, with such a great track record, you can be assured that they will offer you great value for your money. You also learn how to do the credit repair yourself in no time so that you will not need to pay for it anymore.

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