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How to Repair Your Credit?

It is accurate that for most consumers, their credit score is the most important aspect of their financial freedom. We know too well that the credit industry is fraught with credit repair service scams and marketing gimmicks. Every day, consumers are exposed to a lot of advertising related to the credit industry, which can be difficult to digest. In fact,consumers can have a hard time distinguishing between a low-profile and reputable credit repair company. As a result, few consumers have  had little interest in understanding the importance of selecting a reputable credit repair company. In my opinion, a good credit repair company has the needed experience and contacts to help consumers raise their credit score. Accordingly, this article highlights three of the top credit repair companies in the industry. All of these companies have been in the business for a long time enabling them to help and educate potential consumers repair their credit.


1da3bbc0feca1a925630909ba4b9fbd5-originalLexington Law is a full-service credit repair firm that has served in America for more than 25 years.  I like the credit experts at the law firm because they not only provide a free consultation to every consumer, but also files charges on their behalf until all mistakes are corrected. Even after the free consultation on the repair services, consumers are not forced to sign up with the company. Instead, the goal of Lexington Law is to educate the consumer enabling them to understand and respond fast to credit error in future. To try make it easier for consumers, the company offers three distinct levels of service according to what the clients needs. The service levels are broken into Standard, Premier and Premier Plus savings categories. Even the Standard contract contains all the necessary actions that any major credit repair firm would take. As such, the higher plans offer additional benefits that were mostly not covered by other credit-service companies like client privacy.This comes with a price though,as such each credit repair plan incurs a small monthly payment until cancelled. Lexington Law takes pride in representing one of the largest number of consumers in the industry. For instance, the company repaired more than 7 million items for its customers, in 2014. These items included everything from late payments, foreclosures, car loans, collections to judgments and bankruptcies.

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creditrepairAs the name suggests, is a specialist repair service website covering all aspects of bad credit debt and credit errors. The consumer-friendly company is also popular due to a variety of updated information and the reviews on its website, which is designed to educate me the consumer on my credit rights. Besides, there are also numerous self-help topics allowing website visitors to access useful advice without enrolling in the program. Still, ensures substantial increase in the overall credit score of your credit card after 4 months. On a normal basis consumers began to see improvements in the score within 30 to 60 days if they used Unlike most of its competitors, the company only charges a one-time monthly fee that allows members to be able to access their reports and important case filings. Likewise,we can call company representatives who always available to answer important questions and revise action-plan, when required to your satisfaction. The company item menu also offers special discounts to students who use their website . As such, various contests are offered for students  so that they can win lucrative scholarships.

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sky-blue-credit-repairSky Blue Credit Repair is one of the most known and was in our market as far as 1989. The company policy only specializes in credit repair services, which aims to give you a quick response from the credit bureau. The company is fully regulated and carries appropriate surety bonds for your  loan and money . If you want to register the steps and terms are simple and takes only 2 minutes to get started.  Upon review of your last credit report, the Sky Blue team emails you relevant information accompanied by the list of dispute items from each credit bureau. If you have finance errors in your credit report,the company will file charges to fix them,  then you will receive an official response from the credit bureaus directly to your email. The company takes pride in disputing almost 15 items, 5 per credit bureau, within every 35 calendar days. It also means that the dedicated team of professionals try to work with you until you are completely satisfied. In addition to what they offer, the monthly rates  for credit repair start only after one month, which also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee if you see no results. Similarly, there is no obligation to continue as consumers. If you want to, you can cancel whenever you are satisfied. In fact, all major credit cards and debit cards are accepted for the payment policy, which you pay only $59 per month without any additional charges such as review setup, dispute filings and re-disputes. Visit Website   Read full review

Does Credit Repair Really Work?

Repairing credit error is not as simple as most of the advertising companies claim. It means we can identify a lot of potential scammers that will just make money off the fees paid by consumers to repair their credit debt. However, it is also a fact that there are some very reputable companies that can raise the credit score by removing errors and other clutter from the credit history that can help consumers, substantially. Usually, credit professionals employed by these companies are experts in identifying errors such as missing information and wrong address etc. In addition, these experts are also trained to look for issues arising from lack of identification or anything that they can check to achieve their results. For instance, credit scores are negatively affected when a credit company calls to verify information about the consumer, but it is unable to acquire the necessary information. The loophole goes unnoticed by the consumer damaging their score. Under these circumstances, a credit repair company always comes handy.

 How Do These Services Work To Repair Your Credit?

Theoretically, it is possible for consumers to repair their credit without getting help from a credit repair agency. In a perfect scenario, anyone can get enough information from the Internet and other guides to help them repair credit though the entire process is very time-consuming to an extent where self-help is mostly not a good option. Apart from the knowledge, it is also interesting to note that credit repair experts may have access to a variety of information sources that are not publicly available to consumers. Often, there is a lot of hidden information that only a professional can access to gain meaningful advantage. Similarly, many reputable credit repair agencies have developed long-term relationship with credit repair bureaus allowing them to resolve complex issues by contacting someone directly at the credit agency to help you with your money. As consumers may not have personal contacts with people working at the credit agencies, it is not possible for them to view errors and missing information, which may be needed to improve the credit score.

 Are Credit Repair Companies Worth The Cost?

One of the most important factors that determines the worth of credit repair companies is the potential advantage to consumers. Accordingly, a typical high-profile credit repair agency charges anywhere from $30 to $100 a month to repair the credit. Most often, there is also a review fees before the start of the contract. Usually, the fee ranges from $5 to $15. Considering that it may take an average of 3 to 5 months for consumers to repair their credit scores, the cost of repairing the credit score can range anywhere from $150 to almost $500, depending on individual circumstances. However, the total expense is always worth its cost as even a minor increase in credit score can boost the chance of consumer to acquire a variety of future credit. Moreover, consumers also get satisfaction from knowing that almost every potential error from their credit history is removed, which should also help consumers raise the overall credit rates, quickly. Beside the expense,  the intangible benefit associated with energy and time spent on dealing with consistent rejections from your experian is mostly unaccounted. Perhaps, benefits of repairing credit outweigh the total cost . Therefore, it is always beneficial to approach a reputable credit repair agency that can help improve your overall credit score.

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